"Back Pain and injuries are most commonly caused

by normal actilvities of daily living."

You were Created Perfectly

Restore and Enhance Joint Functions


Dr. Irish Gonzales can do a lot to help you when you have mechanical-type back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.


* Arthritis

* ArthroAid Plus




Dr. G has been in practice as a chiropractor in the San Gabriel Valley since 1993.

Concurrent with her undergraduate studies, Dr. G worked in various health care fields where she noticed that the health care system was designed to primarily treat the sick but did little to teach people how to stay healthy.  This inspired her to choose Chiropractic, a healing practice with a much more proactive approach to health, and to teach her patients the most effective and natural methods to pain relief, spinal corrections and general healthcare.


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What Causes Back Pain?


Once you've had back pain, you're all too likely to have it again. Just under half of us will relapse within one year, and many more will relapse in our life times. Luckily, most of us feel better within a few weeks, and almost all of us feel better within three months.


Most low back pain is due to muscular strain, often intensified by frequent sitting and poor posture.


What's responsible for all this pain? Injuries and disc problems are notorious causes of back pain; however, the cause of the pain is unknown in roughly four out of five cases. Pulled muscles, arthritis and even depression might be the root of much of the discomfort.

How to Reduce Back Pain?


 Your shape may be putting extra stress on your muscles just to keep your balance. Small changes to how you do things may make a big difference to your back pain.


You may have tried exercises to improve your posture, however, these do not help in the long term and can even cause more complications.


If your movement patterns are causing you pain, you will use these same patterns to perform your exercises!


Fitness applies to how you think and function. Develop your mind and body together and you will see far better results.

Total fitness is an ideal but can you make it a reality?