"Back Pain and injuries are most commonly caused

by normal actilvities of daily living."

"Dr. Irish Gonzales

knows exactly

how much pressure it takes

to get me back

on track and

 living an active lifestyle."

C. Fox

M. Nguyen

S. Dev

 R. Koutsky

 N. Fox

I have been a patient of Dr. Irish Gonzales for over 10 years. She was recommended to me by a fellow teacher. I think of her as a "Life saver". I could not walk from the school parking lot to my classroom without having to sit down on a bench to wait for my back to quit seizing up in pain. Dr. Gonzales has treated my back and other related spinal problems which has allowed me to walk. She gives good suggestions and exercises. I consider her a family friend after all these years.

I have been to many chiropractors in the past and they overlooked my chronic problems.  After seeing Dr. Gonzales, she was able to diagnose and adjust my problems.  Now I feel relaxed and happy. Thanks Dr. G.

When I first started going to Dr. G, I had terrible lower back pain and could barely walk after work.  Now, I can play tennis, bowl, fly a kite and be active with my child all because Dr. G is such an expert at Chiropractic. She is also gentle and know exactly how much pressure it takes to get me back on track and living an active lifestyle.

I suffered from regular headaches until I began seeing Dr. Gonzales.  She is a caring, highly professional and dedicated doctor.  I am now living an Aspirin free life!

I have been a patient of Dr. Irish Gonzales for a number of years. I appreciate her professionalism, and her ability to treat the patient and not just the symptom. Dr. Gonzales has helped me with issues in my upper and lower back, not only through chiropractic manipulation, but with recommendations for exercises and methods for improving my posture. This professionalism extends to the office staff and assistants, who always treat patients with respect and compassion.

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